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The Ann Sabina Award will be presented annually (if feasible) by a host club. This award is not reserved to one particular club show, it is open to all clubs who wish to host the award. To host the awards, contact the CCFMS executive, on a first come - first serve basis. If by the annual meeting no club has come forward those clubs that wish to host the awards for the following year can present their name, in the case of several clubs offering to host, a simple majority vote will determine, by the members present at the annual meeting. There must be at least 2 competitors.

The Ann Sabina Award is an annual award sponsored by The Mineralogical Association of Canada and is named after the esteemed Ann Sabina, author of a multitude of rockhounding field guides used by many.

The award intends to encourage the Canadian Collector. This award is presented to provide a form for the exhibit of self-collected Canadian minerals and a base for friendly competition amongst CCFMS members



i) Must be a member in good standing within your own club and the CCFMS
ii) Previous winners need to allow 3 years to lapse before entering again. New minerals must be exhibited for each competition.
iii) Minerals must be Canadian
iv) Minerals must be self-collected
v) 10-20 minerals presented and labeled
vi) Size of specimens: Thumbnail to hand size



Judging to be based on:

i) Quality of specimens
ii) Accuracy in labeling (name of minerals, location and classification)
iii) Rarity
iv) Showmanship (Layout of case)

Good showmanship is the ability of the exhibitor to use the material, lighting arrangement, placing and labeling, to create a display, which will be educational and will attract and hold the interest of the viewer. 


  1. Beginner $100.00 -- 1-5 years collecting
  2. Advanced $150.00 -- 5+ years collecting


Administration of the Ann Sabina Award

1) Administered by: CCFMS

2) How to enter the competition

  1. To enter: the individual whether a host club member or non-host club member must contact the SHOW CHAIRPERSON of the host club by phone or in writing of their intention by no later than 1 week before the show unless at the discretion of the show chair. The contestant must also give space requirements (width and length) of their case, if electricity required and any special requirements ( ie –corner of table if case can be viewed from 2 or more sides).
  2. Set up: The show chair will have a space for your case, but the case must be set up prior to the beginning of the show. There is to be no visible name tag as to the owner of the display case during judging

3) Judging and how and when I receive my award

The Awards committee chair will appoint 2-3 judges (in consultation with the show chairperson) usually from the host club but could be from near by clubs. Preference will be given to knowledgeable collectors to serve as judges. There is no formal documentation filled out by the judges, but usually a general sheet of comments is given out to each participant. The judging is usually done in the first hour of the show opening or when all judges can meet

There is no set policy as to who will present the award at the show – if one of the CCFMS awards committee members is present, that person can do the honors or in the absence of the committee members the show chair can fulfill this duty.

The only award given at the show itself is a ribbon (fall fair type) to be kept by the winner. Your cheque will be received as soon as MAC has notification of the winners (from the chair of the Awards Committee) and has time to process it (usually 3-4 weeks).


Ann Sabina Award Winners

Year Beginner (Collecting 1 -  5 years) Advanced (Collecting over 5 years)
1987   Dick Stata, Scarborough
1989   Dick Stata
1990   Tony Gordian, Montreal Gem & Mineral Club
Dave Paterson
1991   Dick Farmery, Barrie
1992   Renee Paterson
1993   Ruth Debicki   Sudbury
1994   no winner
1995 Ingrid Paterek Vince Silver
1996 Adam Gardner, Brampton Phil Walford, Brampton
1997 Nick Tkachuk   Brampton Andy Haighton, Burlington
1998   no winner
2000   Dick Stata, Scarborough
2001 Nicholas Gere, Brampton  
2003 Jean Francois Poulin, Sudbury Gil Benoit, Sudbury
2004   George Thompson, Kawartha Club
2006   Ken Meikle, Kawartha Club


Please note: This list is far from complete or accurate. Please let us know what should be added/changed. Thanks


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