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General Correspondence


c/o Natural History, Mineralogy

100 Queen's Park

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Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Position & Name



Russell Bruce

GMCS The Gem & Mineral Club Scarborough

Past President

Robert Beckett

KRFC Kawartha Rock & Fossil Club

Vice President

John Zandarin

Prince Edward County Rock, Gem, and Mineral Club


Don Caldwell

Walker Mineralogical Club

& GMCS The Gem & Mineral Club Scarborough


Ray Hainsworth

Walker Mineralogical Club

Directors at Large

Frank Melanson

Bancroft Gem and Mineral Club

Calvin Jones

GMCS The Gem & Mineral Club Scarborough

Communications Director

Bob O’Donnell

London Gem & Mineral Society

Field Trip Director

Ashley Pollock

NPGS Niagara Peninsula Geological Society