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Palaeontology Awards (Fossil) Awarded by: The CCFMS

There are two sub categories for this award

  1. Self-collected
  2. Open category 

Qualifications: (both open and self collected)

i) Must be a member in good standing within your own club and the CCFMS. If the fossils belong to a club then the club will be treated as an individual

ii) Previous winners need to allow 3 years to lapse before entering again. New materials must be exhibited for each competition.

iii) Fossils can be from any country or ex-terrestrial

iv) Fossils can be self-collected, purchased or traded in the open category and self collected only in the self-collected sub category.

v) 10-20 fossils presented and labeled unless larger than can be fitted in a standard case in which case reduce the number required by 5 from the minimum for each large one but if all large a minimum of three (note however you may loose points on variety)

vi) Size of specimens: Thumbnail to within reason.

vii) Minimum of 2 competitors in each subcategory.

Judging to be based on:

  1. Labeling - each specimen should be labeled as to scientific name (genus & species), plant or animal, period of geological time, name of the formation in which the specimen was found (if available) and locality. Information common to all specimens may be shown on a single group label
  2. Showmanship shall refer to the ability of the exhibitor to use the material exhibited, background material, lighting and labeling and sufficiently attractive specimens to create a display which will be educational and will attract and hold the interest of the viewer
  3. Quality of the specimens including attractiveness, perfection of the fossil, freedom from excess material and skill in preparation
  4. Rarity
  5. Variety of material in terms of life forms and time units represented in the exhibit





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