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Industry Award

Plaque with a handshake inscribed on it awarded by The CCFMS

This award is for an industry or individual(s) who have exhibited service to our hobby without remuneration and who are not involved with the club. It could be a ministry or a private person who has donated their time, money, etc., or an enterprise that has been helpful to us in allowing and facilitating our collecting in one of our favorite local.

Because not all field trips are organized by the CCFMS, but also by individual clubs, the nominees for this award can be submitted by the individual clubs and/or the CCFMS executive. The winner of this award will then be chosen by the CCFMS executive.

The plaque is then given to the individual or organization to keep by any member of the executive. The plaque itself is wall mountable (approximately 6" x 8") engraved with appropriate wording including the recipientís name and year.

Industry Award Recipients

Year Recipient
1987 Steetley Industries
1991 Flamborough Quarry, Flamborough, ON
1992 Niagara Stone, Niagara Falls, ON
1994 Corydon Crushed Stone, Indiana, USA
1996 LaFarge Quarry, Dundas, ON
1997 Lincoln Bros., Beamsville, ON
2002 Bancroft Chamber of Commerce, Bancroft, ON
2003 Canadian Rockhound Magazine, Winnipeg, MB
2004 Aecon Construction, Marmora, ON
2005 Not awarded
2006 Not awarded
2007 St. Marys Cement Inc. (Canada)
2010 Bancroft Chamber of Commerce, Bancroft, ON

Please note: This list is far from complete or accurate. Please let us know what should be added/changed. Thanks



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