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General Guidelines and Definitions

a) There are 3 categories of Show Awards

A) Mineral Awards (includes Ann Sabina)

B) Fossil Awards

C) Lapidary Awards

In the case of minerals and fossils the sub categories are: self–collected and open

b) There is a maximum of 2 awards in each category in any given year- in the case of lapidary this can be accomplished by specializing the category - see details in the appropriate categories.

c) Definitions:

  1. Self-Collected: means that just you as an individual collected the specimens in the field
  2. Open: means the specimens presented could be 100% self collected to 100% purchased or traded to somewhere in between, but in the judging process no points are awarded as to how the specimen(s) were acquired.

d) In the case of open and self-collected competition, a competitor must declare their intent prior to the show as to which sub-category(s) they are competing. A contestant cannot use the same specimens to enter both the open and self-collected, but can enter both sub categories (open & self-collected) with different specimens. This will avoid crossover problems

e) A club can enter the competition with a display case, in which case the club will be treated as an individual, and in the event they win the award, the prize will be awarded in the name of the club.

f) To host the awards, a club holding a show or conference or annual meeting must bid on a first come first serve basis to the CCFMS awards committee, stating which category(s) they are applying for. A club may host one, two or all three categories. (But they can’t bid to hold just one of the sub categories). If by the annual meeting no club has come forward those clubs that wish to host the awards for the following year may present their name, in the case of several clubs offering to host the same category, a simple majority vote will determine the host by the members present at the annual meeting.

g) There must be at least 2 competitors in any sub category for an award to be presented

h) The show awards consist of a double 5" x 7" picture frame with one half showing a photo of an appropriate specimen for the category of the award, the other half is a certificate of merit made out in the winners name. In all cases the CCFMS will try to get photos of Canadian specimens. This is a chance for photographers to have their specimen(s) picture on an award, with recognition given to the specimen as well as the photographer on each award given out for that year. Let the CCFMS executive know if you have photos available that can be used on the awards (This would include minerals, fossils and all categories of the lapidaries).

i) In the case of some clubs that do not put on a show, there is nothing precluding that club from making an arrangement with a near by club that does put on a show that they will provide 1 or 2 contestants in one category if the other club will match and put a bid in to host an award(s).

j) Junior awards Because these clubs come and go and at any given time there may only be a hand full - it is impractical for the CCFMS to give an award in this area.. We encourage local clubs that operate these programs to offer their own award at this level. If the junior member has a serious collection he or she can enter at the adult level, as there are no age restrictions.




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