Canadian Micro-Mineral Association
Founded 1964

About our Association:

The Canadian Micro Mineral Association (CMMA) is, to quote its constitution, a fellowship of persons whose aims are "to promote education and interest in micromineralogy" and "to encourage fellowship and good will among its members".

The association was founded and its first workshop held December 6, 1964 at the the Glenhurst Centre in Brantford, Ontario. Since then the workshop has grown and moved several times until arriving at its present facilities at Brock University, in St. Catharine's, Ontario.

CMMA is an organization unlike most clubs or societies in that it holds no regular meetings. Such is not possible as our membership is spread from Detroit, Michigan to Montreal, Québec, and from Sudbury, Ontario to Baltimore, Maryland, with a few members scattered elsewhere around the continent and world. Our main means of communication is the "Micronews", which is issued several times during the year and contains items of interest to and contributed by the members.

The CMMA sponsored events consist of a three day spring symposium held each May at Brock University, and a one day late fall workshop held each year in November in the Oakville/Burlington area.

The spring symposium attracts about 100 people and consists of speakers, demonstrations and exchange sessions. The event is very heavily oriented towards the hands-on use of microscopes and it is common to see small knots of people assembled all over the rooms discussing, arguing and attempting to identify their latest acquisitions. You will find most of the more experienced members willing to identify (or at least pass an opinion) on samples. Many members also bring display sets of their finest pieces, protected under glass, that can be passed around for the education and viewing pleasure of the others. A sales table is run by the CMMA in which for a small percentage any member can place a tray of specimens. An annual auction is also run to help defray costs. Accommodations and meals are available on campus and the event is kicked off each Friday by a members night wine and cheese party. Recently, a Friday special topic session has been added during the day. 2011 was photography and has been since.  Topics are welcome for the future. Contact Frank Ruehlicke with ideas.

The late fall workshop is a mini version of the spring event (less accommodations and sales tables) but now including a silent auction, designed to help dispel the pre-winter blahs.

An excitingly, knowledgeable and cordial group of mineral enthusiasts await you. We hope that you will discover us for yourself at our next symposium.

Our association is a member of the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CCFMS) as well as the International Federation of Micromount Societies with whom we exchange newsletters. .

How to Contact Us:


Mailing Address:

  • Canadian Micro-Mineral Association
    660 Heathcliffe Place.
    Waterloo, ON, Canada
    N2T 2P3


  • Micro Symposium:
    Held first weekend in May, at Brock University,
    St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada.


  • Micro Workshop:
    Held on a Saturday in November, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


Annual membership fees are: Adult $17.00 Cdn., or $17.00 US. New members are welcome at anytime. Contact Jim Glen for new membership or renewals at the address listed above.

Executive 2014/2015:

    President: Frank Ruehlicke
    Vice-President: Quintin Wight
    Treasurer: Jim Glen
    Membership: Jim Glen
    Secretary: Ray Hainsworth
    Editor & Webmaster: Randy Ernst
    Directors: Hanne Vestergaard
                     Jim Haase
                     Al Alward


The Canadian Micro Mineral Association newsletter, Micronews, is published several times per year and is circulated to our members, either via email or snail mail. Club news, field trip dates, and articles on mines and minerals are featured in the newsletter. Information on Mont Saint-Hilaire is available online at MSH News. We also exchange newsletters with many other clubs.

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