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One of the great joys of this hobby is that it provides the opportunity for life long learning. Besides the joys of finding, seeing, touching and making things with rocks and minerals ~ there is the joy of learning more about them. There are many resources out there. Here is just a small sample to set you on your way.

If you would like to recommend a resource, your comments are most welcome. Send us an email with your suggestions. If you could briefly describe the resource and why you consider it to be of value, that would also be appreciated.

    Miscellaneous Links
  1. Geotours Northern Ontario
  2. Accounting for Types of Radiometric Dating
  3. Toronto Field Naturalists
  4. Minerals ~ sites of minerals within collecting/driving distance
  5. Canadian & Provincial Geological Associations
  6. Canadian Federal Government - geology departments
  7. Provinces & Territories
  8. Canadian Universities ~ Earth Science Departments
  9. Earth Science Guide to Fossil Dating
  10. OHTO - Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization.



Miscellaneous Links - A grab bag of sites that could be of interest to you

Minerals ~ Some Sites about Minerals of Interest to Central Canadian Rockhounds

These sites are of interest because they feature minerals that are obtainable within driving distance of where most of us live. That makes these locations of interest to field collectors.

Canadian & Provincial Geological Associations

Canadian Federal Government


Provincial & Territorial Sites related to geology


Canadian University Earth Science Departments



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