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Touch Tables

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NPGS Touch Tables

If you’ve ever wanted to just pick up a rock, hold it in your hand to feel how heavy or light it is, to feel its texture, and then to look at it from all sides, and so on.

Then we can help you out! We have a number of Touch Tables available to borrow.


Niagara Rocks!

 which is all about the rocks, minerals, and fossils found in both the Niagara and Onondaga Peninsulas, right here in Ontario;

 these two peninsulas (or escarpments or cuestas) are dated to the Silurian ~443 to 419 million years ago and the Devonian ~419 to 359 million years ago;

 Niagara and Onondaga rocks are great examples of marine sedimentary rock.

 We can split this table into 2 parts - Niagara minerals or Niagara fossils.


Canadian Shield Treasures

 which is all about the incredible and amazing minerals, precious metals, and gemstones of Ontario;

 the Canadian Shield in Ontario is made up of three geological provinces - Grenville, Southern, and Superior - and they’re quite old;

 the Superior Province is dated to approx 3.5 to 2.5 billion years ago;

 the Southern Province is dated to approx 2.5 to 2.2 billion years ago;

 the Grenville Province is dated to approx 1.25 billion to 980 million years ago;

 the Canadian Shield is a stupendous example of igneous and metamorphic rocks and minerals + a myriad of gemstones, metals, and precious metals.

 We can split this table into 4 parts - Granites & Alkalics; Gemstones; Metals; and Metamorphics.


Lava from around the World

 which is all about different types of lava - mainly extrusive - with some intrusive;

 from Hawaii, the Caribbean, North America (includes some really old lava), and Europe;

 and, of course, our lava specimens are a great example of igneous rocks.


All of the above 3 Touch Tables can be split into smaller sizes - number of boxes for each Touch Table are listed in each Addendum. Box size are standard Bankers Box (aka file box). Each box of specimens is designed to be relatively weight-wise easy to carry.

Please be aware that our Touch Tables are not small volume-wise - they can take up a lot of room - plus picking up a lot of boxes can be weighty.


Mini Touch Table (tiny, only 1 box, small volume)

 which is some specimens that don’t fit into the above categories;

 a dinosaur bones, animal teeth, petrified wood, & a couple  more

 tiny but very interesting!


Our Touch Tables are completely free to borrow.

All we ask is that you  pick them up and then drop them back off.

People, teachers, and organizations have borrowed them from 2 weeks up to 9 months.


Please contact the NPGS to borrow our Touch Tables.  


The pictures to the right are what our display signs look like - they are fabric sign - 6 feet tall

- and need to be assembled (easy assembly).

Please click on the buttons below to see lists & pictures of the specimens that we have in our Touch Tables


Niagara Rocks!   

with pictures  


Canadian Shield  

with pictures  


Lava from around the World   

with pictures  


Mini Touch Table  

with pictures  


Our Loan Agreement for the Touch Tables  

Just some of the “other” things we do

Kids Program

The NPGS is looking for a Kid’s Convenor to do our “Rock of the Month Club”.

Fran Sorrenti, who was our Kid’s Convenor for 2016-17 did an exceptional, amazing, & truly stupendous job + got loads of kids to join - and she thrilled the kids each & every month.

Fran needs to take to 2017-18 year off. But, we’re looking forward to her coming back!!!!

The Kid’s Club is loads of fun - did exploding volcanoes in 2016-17 - a couple of our members will do “talks” - and we can provide lots of help.

Are you interested????

Particularly if you want to fulfill your “inner kid” with the kids?

If you are, please contact us at our NPGS general email address