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NPGS Niagara Peninsula Geological Society

Meeting Schedule - September 2020 thru June 2021


Due to the 2020 pandemic, our meetings and other events not “live” yet;

however, we’re looking at how can we possibly do online meetings

as well as, somehow, have speakers, too.


Brainstorming, throwing-around, thinking-about thoughts, ideas, suggestions on

“just how are we going to do monthly meetings and speakers”?

We welcome feedback from our members.

Doesn’t matter how crazy the idea - you never know what might work,

might be appealing, might be super exciting, etc.


We’ll keep you updated as possibilities are explored.

Some of our CCFMS clubs are planning on doing online meetings,

others are still doing “wait & see”.


How we usually do re: meetings

NPGS Meetings are usually held on the third Friday of each month

 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm - September through May (though sometimes we start early & sometimes we go later).

 and are usually held at Brock University, MacKenzie-Chown Building, Earth Sciences, Room MCD-309, St Catharines.

 Parking after 6 pm in Brock U Zones 1 & 2 is FREE (Zone 1 is next to MacKenzie-Chown Building).

 However, our December and February meetings are usually held at another location

 where there’s a kitchen for coffee & tea plus plugs for slow cookers/crock pots for our Annual December Potluck Dessert and our February Annual General Meeting.


Not only do we have super interesting speakers at all our monthly meetings; we also have silent auctions, 50/50 draws, give-aways, swaps, member displays, rock & fossil identification, and refreshments - plus loads of fun.

Any changes to our meeting schedule, speakers, etc, are posted on our website, in our newsletter (or news flashes), and on social media.


Regular online auctions

We’ve been very successful this summer with auctions - May and August. We were able to raise just shy of $250 for the club.

Since the online auctions are popular, we’re having another one on Saturday, October 3rd from 12 noon until 5 pm. We’ll be using Facebook again.


Apologies, in advance - yes, we know that there is a time lag with Facebook. Hence, thank you for your patience as Chris deals with the time lag.


We’re still in the process of setting up Zoom - primarily, a camera issue because we really, really want you to be able to see fabulous video of the fantastic rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils that we’ll have for sale.

We are planning to use Zoom in our future auctions.


What we’re thinking about so far …

Pandemic rules, of course, apply to these re-inventions - particularly anything face-to-face

- such as, social distancing, hand-washing/sanitizing, wearing masks, indoor ventilation, and limiting numbers of people. All Ontario government rules but, also, Niagara Public Health rules - along with a great big dab of common sense.


thoughts & suggestions (so far)

 We’re guessing that most of our meetings & events will be digital (at least for the time being) such as, Facebook / Zoom / Skype and possibly (faint at this point in time) some face-to-face meetings.


 Monthly Zoom meetings with a video speaker presentation. (Not all our members are on Facebook, so Zoom, now that it has better security, is a good choice for anyone who has a computer or a phone.)


 Or making video presentations available - could be our regular speakers, could be someone we missed last year, could be someone entirely new, and so on. (These can be scheduled for specific dates or posted on our website for our members to view at any time or …)


 Business portion of our meetings can switch to “business news flashes”; hence, those who are interested can read about it (and those who aren’t interested can ignore it).


 Maybe more newsletters? more news flashes? extra things on the website? etc.


 Ashley Marazzo, our Workshop Director, is currently working hard on creating workshop/instructional videos for lapidary. (Can hardly wait for these!!)


 December & February potlucks in a local restaurant - properly socially distanced. (Of course, we’ll have to negotiate a good $$ deal - but this does support local business - and it will be nice to get out and do something “different”.)


 Phone groups - something like, 10 volunteers from the board & the membership who are willing to phone 10 other members - say, once a month and catch up with them - ask if they’ve been doing anything exciting like collecting, or lapidary, or saw a fabulous geology video, or took a geology course, or …


Any other thoughts, ideas, suggestions are super welcome! please & thanks.

Online Auctions

If you wish to suggest a speaker, topic, activity - or bring a display to meeting (even virtual ones) - or …, please contact Christopher White, Interim President

- by phone: 289-214-1151 or send an email   (click on the envelope) or use Facebook Messenger. Thank you.

The NPGS takes pictures & videos at all our events and publishes them in our newsletter and on our website & social media.

Please don’t hesitate to send us pictures (and some sort of captions). If you send us pictures, we assume that we have permission to publish.


If you don’t wish to be included in any of our pictures or videos, please let us know by either emailing us or please use our Photo Release form. Thank you.

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!! Auction extras, extras !!

3 donated collections

In August, Oxford County & Niagara clubs picked up a rock collection

- and, seriously, it had over a 1000 specimens

(3 dozen boxes, most of them “heavy, heavy”)

- though primarily sandstones, shales, granites/metamorphics, and limestones.

Nevertheless, there are some treasures - unusual, sparkly, and/or interesting specimens, etc,

- which will be offered at the October auction.

as well as future auctions

Collection from Greg Williams

plus a huge thank you to the Williams family.


Also, in August, London club donated a bunch of geology books (some of them “collectible”)

to a number of our CCFMS geology clubs

- Niagara included.

We’ll post a list of the books - free to anyone interested - plus mention them at the October auction; we’ll also accept donations for the club for any of the books.

A huge thank you to

Bob O’Donnell,

President of London club.


field trips


more things we do



contact us


If you need to contact Christopher White,

our Auction Co-ordinator (and also Interim President & Lapidary Director), 

Christopher can be contacted

by phone: 289-214-1151

or by email (click on the envelope) or use Facebook Messenger. Thank you.

Seller & Buyer Guidelines (pdf file)  


blank Auction slips for Sellers

(Word format, so you can fill them in)   

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please ask permission. Thank you.

Next online auction will be held on: