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NPGS Niagara Peninsula Geological Society

From top to bottom:

Fossils collected from Arkona:

Brachiopods just waiting to be plucked from the icky, sticky, gooey mud.

A Devonian clam shell.

At the very least, a tail of a trilobite.


The site at Arkona, which forms part of the Onondaga Peninsula, is dated to the Middle Devonian, 397.5±2.7 to 385.3±2.8 Ma.

From top to bottom:

Darlene and Carol looking down at Ashley being dragged and pushed up a steep and muddy incline!!! 2011

Above - from top to bottom:

A weathered portion of a small Niagara “dolostone” “cliff” - nature’s way of giving us a smiley face.

A high resolution picture of marcasite crystals - picture © by Peter Lee - both from the Old Queenston Quarry, 2010.

Above: Looking north at the French

River Sandpit, 2011.

Middle: Roman working hugely at side-by-side cancrinite and sodalite

veins. Many of the loose rocks seen are nepheline, feldspar, syenite,

and aegerine - lots and lots of rocks just lying around waiting to be picked up. Above: Annite vug in gneiss.

Our ROM trip in 2009 - from top to bottom:

A Gorgotte sandstone formation from Paris, France.

Chrystal and Geri “overwhelmed” by a large amethyst cluster.

Summer, 2011, Don and Jim visited - from left to right - Oser Kraft quarry,

the Beryl Pit, where they found blue green beryl,

and the National Limestone Quarry, Pennsylvania where they found strontianite.

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the prize below ß

wedges and sledge hammers - typical equipment for a rockhounder

The thin plank looks more like walking on water!

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