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NPGS Niagara Peninsula Geological Society

The NPGS is an affiliated member of the CCFMS.

The NPGS website is hosted by the CCFMS.

All written material and pictures are copyright © 2004-2017

of the Niagara Peninsula Geological Society, except where noted.

If you wish to reproduce anything on our website,

please ask permission. Thank you.

NPGS Field Trip Schedule 2017

Rules applicable to all field trips: CCFMS Ethics & Code of Conduct              NPGS rules & safety gear                   What tools to bring

What else to bring           Beating the Heat          Beating the Bugs            Car Convoys            Camping Field Trips           Camping Food

2 more info sheets for Field Trip Leaders & Assistants                  First Aid Kit.        Safety Talk

2017 Open Letter to all CCFMS clubs                        Quick look at the 2017 field trip list                                         BC Rockhounding (a fun & good guide)

Field Trip dates may be changed dependent upon working conditions at quarries, bad weather, and if quarry/mine owners are unable to accommodate us, etc.

Please, check for confirmed dates, updates, and/or changes in rules, etc  on this page as well as our newsletter, Pink Dolomite Saddle, & on our Facebook page).

Newsletter webpage link                                                                                                                                             Facebook page link  

We’ve also become very avid about posting various pictures (& sometimes, videos) of our field trips on our Facebook page, so please take a look.

Please note that all CCFMS club members throughout Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec are welcome on any of our field trips.

We ask that you show proof of current membership - and that you confirm with our Field Trip Director / Leader, Ashley Pollock.


If you wish to offer suggestions for other locations, please contact Ashley Pollock (Please click on the envelope to email).  

What the buttons mean:

    maps, GPS co-ordinates, etc                               geologic dating + what you’ll find

    articles (often scholarly) + government info links                                       pictures

    additional instructions/procedures such as, leaving times, quarry rules, etc

    Mail Icon smaller3Trip Leader/Site Owner email link. (You’ll click on the envelope to email.)


Ever wondered what a well-dressed Rockhounder looks like??? Please click on the pdf symbol!!!!

No schedules yet but the other clubs are working on them. As soon as I have them, I’ll post them.


Spring & Fall       both CCFMS field trips

Location: Hungry Hollow Quarry, Ausable River, near Arkona

Date: Saturday, April 29th, 2017               

Please note that this field trip is almost always the last Saturday of April


Spring 2017

Location: Penn-Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center, Blasdell (Buffalo), New York

Date: any day you’d like to choose               


Location: Beryl Pit & Rose Quartz Mine, Quadeville

Date: any day you’d like to choose               

Both are pay-to-collect site & “by appointment only”.

Mail Icon smaller3   Please contact Dave & Renée Patterson, site owners.


Any day you’d like to choose

Week-long summer & camping field trip

Hungry Hollow Pre-Registration Forms:

1 signature    2 signatures    3 signatures    4 signatures    multiple signatures


Locations: Canadian Wollastonite, Frontenac Lead Mine, & Lansdowne Quarry (Potsdam Sandstone & Unconformity), Kingston area

Dates: weekend of Saturday, September 8th to Sunday, September 9th, 2017               


Weekend-long fall camping field trip

Still hammering out the details

8 days starting Saturday, Aug 13th thru to Saturday, Aug 19th

- you can have Sunday, Aug 20th off to drive home!

Locations: French River nepheline-syenite, River Valley garnets, Sudbury mines, Temagami BIF, Cobalt silver, Sudbury ejecta, La Cloche Mountains quartzite, & Manitoulin Island fossils

Dates: August 13 to 19, 2017               

Location: Nelson Aggregates (Lincoln) Quarry, Beamsville

Spring Date: Saturday, May 13th, 2017 (Mother’s Day weekend)

Fall date also to be confirmed - either Saturday, Sept 23rd or Sept 30th, 2017


Mail Icon smaller3   Please contact Jim Glen, Trip Leader.

Location: Bowmanville Quarry (St Mary’s Cement), Bowmanville

Date to be confirmed - either Sunday, April 30th or May 7th, 2017

Fall date also to be confirmed - usually around Thanksgiving Day weekend


Mail Icon smaller3   Please contact Kevin Kidd, Trip Leader.

Location: Ridgemount Quarry, Ridgeway

Date: Friday, July 14th, 2017              

Summer - Fridays only - you get to choose

Location: “South” Quarry @ Ridgemount, Ridgeway

Date: Friday, July 21st, 2017               

This field trip currently is by special permission only

- but we’re still working on trying to have it “opened up” a bit more.

partially kid-friendly - children must be 14 years or older

Location: Ridgemount Quarry, Ridgeway

Date: any Friday               

Please call ahead to make a reservation 905-680-3755

with Walker Brothers, quarry owners.

NPGS trips to Ridgemount

New trip August long weekend on Sun, Aug 6th

The MacDonald Mine is newly opened up to collectors.

So we’re combining it with a visit to the Smart Mine as well.

Both are pay-to-collect sites. - $12.50 + $10

Location: MacDonald Mine & Meany/Miller/Smart mines/property

Please note that there are special rules for the MacDonald Mine

+ you must sign up & pay the collecting fee 10 days in advance.

Date: Gemboree weekend in Bancroft - Sunday, August 6th



Since you’re close by - the Gemboree arranges trips to  both the:

Beryl Pit & Aqua Rose Quartz Mine, Quadeville

Date scheduled by the Bancroft Chamber                  This, too, is pay-to-collect - $10 for Beryl Pit, $20 for Aqua Rose - or $20 for both