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We ask that you show proof of current club membership.

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- and that you confirm your attendance

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 and/or anything else that you can think of that might relate to rockhounding field trips.

 and loads & loads of pictures, please.

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The 2020 field trip season is almost over - and, yes, sigh, the season didn’t really happen due to the pandemic.

We hope that you’ve been able to get out and do some rockhounding

- even rockhounding in your gardens or amongst your own collections.


Field Trips - as soon as we can

for 2021 field trips.

We’ll keep you updated - and please expect that there very likely will be still be extra pandemic safety rules in 2021 for all sites.


Nevertheless …

A couple of our families did go on rockhounding trips. Christopher White, our intrepid Interim President, ventured out to Bancroft and up to Thunder Bay this summer. Fabulous collecting and fabulous camping. Wait ‘til you see the Thunder Bay amethyst!!


Bob O’Donnell. London club President & CCFMS Communications Director, has been busy doing Hungry Hollow field trips - one on July 25th, one on Sept 26th, and, he may also be able to do one more trip to Hungry Hollow in October.

Thank you, Bob!

And, yes, pandemic rules applied - everyone followed the rules

- even one of the collecting buckets did as well!


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