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NPGS Niagara Peninsula Geological Society

The NPGS is an affiliated member of the CCFMS.

The NPGS website is hosted by the CCFMS.

All written material and pictures are copyright © 2004-2019

of the Niagara Peninsula Geological Society, except where noted.

If you wish to reproduce anything on our website,

please ask permission. Thank you.

NPGS Field Trips (field trip webpage has been redesigned to make it easier to read & to navigate).

Field Trip pages - table of contents


1) On this page (at the bottom)

Rules applicable to all Niagara & CCFMS field trips

Very super-important info such as, safety gear, tools, and our Code of Ethics.

Please click on the various buttons to download a pdf file. Thanks.

- Along with a number of handy-dandy general field trip info sheets. Pretty much anything you want to know about rock hounding in general.

2)     Printable schedule This changes regularly - as dates / collecting sites are confirmed / updated - dependent upon the time of year - rules have changed - etc. (Please click on the yellow button to download the pdf file. Thanks.)

Current schedule posted is planned 2019 field trip season trips

- emphasis on “planned” (still lots to be confirmed)

- we are planning a ROM field trip in March - we seem to go once every 5 years - please see the posted schedule for extra details. Thanks.

We also post changes, etc in/on:     Newsletter webpage link        Facebook page link  



Usual field trips that we go on.

Please click on the pink buttons below - will take you to another webpage.

The buttons below aren’t active yet - should be workable by February. Thanks for your patience.

3)     Hungry Hollow (Devonian fossils) - Usually the last weekend in April is the first field trip of the season - usually co-hosted with the London Gem & Mineral Society - possible extra Hungry Hollow trips per year (by London club).


4)     CCFMS field trip @ Beamsville (Silurian minerals & fossils) - May & September trips - very strict rules - full safety gear - you must be a club member - and you must be 19 yrs or older.

5)     Herkimer Diamonds (Devonian diamonds & fossils) - May trip - co-hosted with Brantford Lapidary and Mineral Society - this trip is not insured since in the US - hence, open to anyone.


6)     CCFMS field trip @ Bowmanville (Ordovician fossils) - May/June & October trips - very strict rules - full safety gear -- you must be a club member - and you must be 19 yrs or older.

7)     Ridgemount Quarries (Silurian & Devonian fossils) - Fridays only - requires full safety gear & a flashing beacon light on your car - usual strict working quarry rules.

- NPGS trip to both quarries is usually June or July.

- special permission required if under age 19 yrs - probably need to be at least high school age.

- however, Ridgemount Quarry proper (northern part) is open to the public. Please call 905-382-2041 to make a reservation with Walker Brothers, quarry owners.

8)     Summer mini trips

In July and August for 2019, we’re planning 3 “mini” trips - will be scheduled around weekends (hopefully, making it easier for people’s schedules)

Primarily Precambrian - Grenville Province, Southern Province, & Superior Province minerals & gems - sometimes, but rarely, fossils.

Trips entail either camping or another form of accommodation - and there’s usually lots of driving. Destinations are all over Ontario. Participants can join in for pat if a day, one day, a couple of days, or the whole trip - whichever fits into your schedule.

Bancroft mini trip - Saturday & Sunday, June 22nd & 23rd - with camping on Fri, June 21st & Sat, June 22nd nights

- Schickler, Desmont, & Millar’s Mines, Titanite Hill, & a number of roadcuts - apatite, titanite, fluorite, diopside, hessonite, & more.


9)      Trackways (Precambrian minerals & Cambro-Ordovician fossils)

Kingston area destinations - usually a weekend & usually September / October

Canadian Wollastonite - for wollastonite & diopside

Frontenac Lead Mine - for white (almost marbleized) calcite & galena (lead, which is safe)

Lansdowne Quarry - for exceptionally coloured sandstone , fossil ripples & trackways & chunky marble


10)      Other clubs as well as Open to the Public sites

Updated info & links for Open to Public sites still to come.

Other club schedules - usually Kawartha & Kingston - will be posted - and then shared - on our Facebook page.

Again, thanks for your patience.

Please note that all CCFMS club members throughout Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec are welcome on any NPGS field trip.


We ask that you show proof of current club membership.

(Why do we ask you to have membership? Because most of our field trips are insured - and that’s one of the things that club membership fees pay for.)


- and that you confirm your attendance with our Field Trip Director / Leader, Ashley Pollock.

(If you aren’t a member of a club, no problem - it’s easy to join anyone of our clubs. CCFMS link for clubs listing is:



Please email Ashley by clicking on the envelope 

or please Messenger her on our Facebook page.


You can also email Ashley with:

 suggestions for other collecting sites

 and/or with updated/more info on collecting sites

 and/or any info you think that we should include

 and/or anything else that you can think of that might relate to rock hounding field trips.

Rules applicable to all field trips:

CCFMS Ethics & Code of Conduct

NPGS rules & safety gear

What tools to bring

What else to bring           Beating the Heat          Beating the Bugs

Car Convoys                  Camping Field Trips     Camping Food

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh my!

Yellow stripey things      2019 mosquito repellant update

Photo Release form (yes, we take pictures on our field trips)



2 more info sheets for Field Trip Leaders & Assistants

First Aid Kit.                                    Safety Talk


Well Dressed Rockhounder

BC Rockhounding (a fun & informative guide)

ROM field trip - Saturday, March 23, 2019

We had a fabulous time

- the ZUUL exhibit was amazing and super detailed

- the interactive TRex was hilarious

- the amber was delicious

- the rocks, gems, & meteorites were stupendous as always

- the new being-developed early life exhibit looks like it is going to be a knockout

- and the weather, though a little bit chilly, plus the traffic (wonderfully calm) helped make a great visit.


Way behind on posting picture albums for both the website & our Facebook pages - and not just the ROM picture albums. Been a very busy spring. Thank you for your patience - I will get them posted - looking like sometime in July for getting caught up.

ROM picture albums will also include Brantford & London/Sarnia/Oxford County trips as well!!!

Everybody went!

To the left:


Hungry Hollow, Beamsville, Herkimer, Bowmanville, Ridgemount, and the first summer mini trip - Bancroft - the links are now active.

All have a number of updated info, maps, & pictures documents.